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The Katzie First Nation q̓ic̓əy̓ translates to ‘Land of the Moss.’ Katzie have lived and thrived in our territory for thousands of years. To this day Katzie maintain deep connections to our lands and the rivers, sloughs, creeks, and wetlands that run like veins through the heart of our territory. At the centre of Katzie territory is sq̓ə́yc̓əyaʔɬ x̌acaʔ [The lake of the Katzie] and sq̓ə́yc̓əyaʔɬ stá tləw [the river of the Katzie]. Though now called Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Langley and Delta, Katzie have ancient names for the many places where our ancestors lived and worked, and places where powerful transformations occurred. These names live on and Katzie are working to ensure that the names continue to be spoken by present and future generations. The First People of this Land The greeting ‘és sw yel’ translates to welcome or ‘good day’ in the language spoken by First Nations along the Fraser River. The City of Maple Ridge is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Katzie (q̓ic̓əy̓ ) First Nation and Kwantlen (qʼʷa:n̓ ƛʼən̓ ) First Nation. They have been stewards of this land for time immemorial. The Kwantlen First Nation Since time immemorial, Kwantlen First Nation has lived by the seven traditional laws that guided our ancestors: health, happiness, generations, generosity, humbleness, forgiveness and understanding. Through learning, family, health, our culture and traditions and looking after our lands and resources, we are tireless in our spirit to make a better world for our future generations. In working together and learning from our Elders, we are respectful, proud, independent and responsible. Kwantlen translates to tireless runner. Following our rich legacy and traditions, we continue to work tirelessly at building a strong sense of community within our traditional territory. Learn more about the Katzie First Nation at www.katzie.ca

The Art on Your Badge We would like to thank artists Rain Pierre and Wes Antone for allowing the Maple Ridge 2024 BC Summer Games to use their artwork on the badges that all Games participants, volunteers and guest will wear at the Games. The bear has been created by Rain Pierre, whose traditional name is sɬə́məxʷ, meaning Rain. The bear is a recurring theme for Rain, who is from Katzie First Nation. “The spirit bear is wearing cedar headbands as a tribute to our people’s culture and survival,” Rain notes. “The three strands from the headband represent past, present and future - all of which we must acknowledge when heading towards reconciliation and bettering the relationships. When I look back on my journey at the end of my days, I want to look back on an adventure glowing with legacy and passion. I want to inspire others to dream while they are awake. It is time for our internal compass to turn to a direction of spirit, rather than money.” The Sandhill Crane design has been created by Wes Antone, whose traditional name is X.ex.elles, which holds the meaning “likes to draw”. Wes is from the Kwantlen First Nation, British Columbia. He is a self-taught artist, doing everything from drawing and carving, which he has been doing for over 35 years, to mask making and gold/silver jewelry. Sandhill cranes (sli:m) stay in this area for a few months every year and then leave. They come here for the cranberries, which some Kwantlen elders still call crane-berries because the cranes come here to eat them. Sandhill cranes can be found in the bogs or swampy areas where the cranberries grow. They represent patience.

"There is always a message my artwork,” Wes explains. “A long time ago, all our artwork was taken away from us. I think that just doing it is a powerful message on its own.”

Learn more about the Kwantlen First Nation at www.kwantlenfn.ca.

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First Nations Welcome


Table of Contents

Overview of Events

Culture of the Games

Ceremonies and Special Events

Zone Colours

Sports in the Games Sport Information Follow the Action

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Support Resources

Participant Recognition

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Participant Registration

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Sport Partners

Arrival and Accreditation

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EVERYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE GAMES: • Has the right to participate in an environment that is supportive, positive, respectful, accessible, and that contributes to exceptional experiences. • Has the responsibility to contribute in a positive way to the experiences of everyone involved in the Games. All athletes, coaches, and officials at the BC Games are expected to conduct themselves in the spirit of fair play and in a responsible manner. This conduct is expected from the time you board BC Games transportation until you return home.

EVERYONE HAS A ROLE TO PLAY! WE MUST ALL: • Check our own actions and words, • Speak up for ourselves and others, • Tell someone if we see something. CULTURE OF THE GAMES COURSE All participants are required to complete the Culture of the Games Course prior to attending the Games. Access the course through the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE. You are encouraged to review the Code of Conduct and other information on this page prior to completing the Culture of the Games Course.

Complete the Culture of the Games Course through the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE

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Just as if you were representing Canada at the Olympics, Special Olympics, or Paralympics you will be representing your Zone at the BC Summer Games! Come prepared to show your ZONE TEAM PRIDE!




















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The City of Maple Ridge is proud to be the host community for the 2024 BC Summer Games. Maple Ridge is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Katzie First Nation and Kwantlen First Nation. The Katzie and Kwantlen people have lived on this land for time immemorial, and we honour their stewardship, history, culture and unique knowledge of this place we live in and love. Maple Ridge is located between the Fraser River and the Golden Ears Mountains, part of the Coast Mountain range. The City is bordered by Pitt Meadows to the west and Mission to the east. This is a big year for Maple Ridge, as we are celebrating the 150th year since the City was incorporated on September 12 of 1874. A year long celebration launched in May of 2024 and there will be several community events culminating in the Celebrate the Night event in October. The BC Summer Games are a huge part of our birthday celebrations, and we know that the over 3000 athletes, coaches and sports officials will bring many family and friends to the community. You’ll see our Maple Ridge 150 banners in the downtown and along major thoroughfares during your time here. We encourage you to explore Maple Ridge’s natural beauty and the incredible hospitality of our community. There’s over 200 kilometres of trails for people of all skills and abilities. There’s a great craft brewing community, local farm to table businesses and restaurants and boutiques to make you stay special. ABOUT THE COMMUNITY

HOW TO GET HERE The City can be accessed from the Trans Canada Highway by heading north on the 200th Street exit across the Golden Ears Bridge where you get a spectacular view to welcome you to the community. You can also access the community east and west on BC Highway #7, the Lougheed Highway. Please note that work is underway to expand Highway 7 to four lanes between the eastern border of Maple Ridge at 287 Street west to 272 Street. Construction will be underway on this route until the summer of 2025, so please prepare for construction delays during the weekdays. FRIENDS & FAMILY

THINGS TO DO Maple Ridge takes pride in its stunning, natural environment and commitment to green living. Visitors can experience an abundance of nearby forests, lakes, multi-use trails, parks, and green spaces, as well as our wide range of sport and recreational facilities.

Check out the links below for help with planning your trip:

• Explore Maple Ridge | Maple Ridge, BC

• Maple Ridge 150 Celebration

• Downtown Maple Ridge Business Improvement Association

• Chamber of Commerce serving Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows

• Golden Ears Provincial Park | BC Parks

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BEFORE THE GAMES: Have questions? See the FAQ section at bcgames.org. Need more info? Contact your head coach through your Zone Rep or Provincial Advisor. BC GAMES SOCIETY 250-387-1375 info@bcgames.org AT THE GAMES: GAMES INFORMATION CENTRE info@bcsummergames.ca Lost items? Check lost & found at the Games Information Centre. lost&found@bcsummergames.ca



q Read this Guide to the Games q Access the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE using the login information sent to you by mail to complete the following mandatory Games submissions: • Complete the MEDICAL/ALLERGY FORM by July 10 at 4:00 pm. • Complete the CULTURE OF THE GAMES COURSE by July 10 at 4:00 pm. • Print your TRAVEL ITINERARY details for your journey to and from the Games. • Share your story by completing the PARTICIPANT BIOGRAPHY. q Visit BCGAMES.ORG and follow us on social media!

q Printed travel itinerary q Emergency Contact information

q Sleeping bag and pillow q Bathing suit and towel q Personal items (soap, toothbrush, sunscreen, etc.) q Summer weather clothing and footwear q Water bottle q Money for extra snacks during travel and at the Games, as well as for souvenirs q Make sure to clearly identify all your personal belongings!

Full Name Zone

BC Games-issued luggage tags will be sent to you by mail. You are allowed ONE checked bag (max 30lbs) plus your sleeping bag and pillow (packed together), and a carry-on (backpack). Some sports are permitted additional baggage for sport-specific equipment. Pack your carry-on accordingly as you will not have access to your checked baggage until you reach your accommodation site. Be sure ALL bags are labelled with your NAME, ZONE, SPORT, and HOMETOWN.

Sport Hometown

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MEDICAL All participants are expected to complete the Medical/ Food Allergy Form prior to arriving at the Games. Access to this form is part of the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE. This form must be submitted by July 10 at 4:00 pm; it cannot be completed at the Games. Participants are expected to complete daily self-health checks. If any participant feels ill, they should notify their coach, who will contact the Medical Clinic, if required.


BC Summer Games medical volunteers are responsible for the treatment of all Games participants. A dedicated and caring team of first responders and health care professionals will have an active presence at the Games to address the needs of athletes, coaches, and officials. MEDICAL SERVICES INCLUDE: • On-site medical volunteers at all sport venues during practice and competition times. • Access to physicians, physiotherapists, RMTs, RNs, chiropractors, and other medical practitioners at the BC Summer Games Medical Clinic. • On-call dental emergency services.

The Medical Clinic will be open during all officially scheduled training and competition times. Athletes and coaches are expected to call ahead to make arrangements prior to visiting the Medical Clinic. If an athlete is being transferred from a sport venue to the medical clinic, the onsite medical venue personnel is tasked with calling the Medical Clinic before sending the participant. There will be a physician available by telephone for after-hours (non-official training/competition times) medical concerns.

Remember to practice hand hygiene. Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before eating.

MEDICAL CLINIC Enhance Sport & Wellness 22718 Lougheed Hwy Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V6

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Foundry BC and the BC Games Society Through a partnership with the BC Games Society, Foundry BC is here to remind youth that sometimes the strongest thing someone can do is to seek support. Foundry BC offers free mental health and wellness services to youth aged 12-24 and their caregivers at centres across BC and virtually through the Foundry BC app. Youth can access counselling, peer support, physical & sexual healthcare, groups & workshops, and employment & education services by walking into a Foundry centre or by downloading the Foundry BC app. All of Foundry’s services are free and confidential – no referrals are required!

Maple Ridge 2024 BC Summer Games Aunties Gifted by the Golden Ears Metis Society

Members of the Metis community will be at the Games dressed in colourful ribbon skirts and purple shirts, ready with their traditional teachings for any participant in need of support. Through their circle-way-of-being, the aunties aim to help participants who are experiencing stress at the Games. This initiative provides Games participants with an avenue for support and members of the Golden Ears Metis Society an opportunity to uphold their responsibility to community.


Enter the Foundry BC Contest Foundry BC is excited to offer a contest to all athletes attending the 2024 BC Summer Games for a chance to win a Foundry BC SWAG bag and a $50 gift card to a place of your choosing. Here’s how to enter: 1) Download the Foundry BC app on your smartphone (via the Apple app or Google Play stores) and register for a youth account! 2) Email Sierra (sturner@foundrybc.ca) from Foundry BC a screenshot of the app on your smartphone, along with your first and last name by July 30th!

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3) Foundry BC will reach out directly to the winner to coordinate the mailing of their prize.


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Also on the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE, participants CAN DO the following: • Correct or supplement their demographic info (address, spelling of their name, school, Indigenous ancestry, add an email address, etc.), if necessary, • Download their Certificate of Participation, • Complete BC Games Leadership Bursary application by July 2, • Review, print, or download Games information. If you have not received your letter by July 4, please contact the BC Games Society office by email: participantreg@bcgames.org

Each participant MUST DO the following on the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE prior to the Games : • Agree to the BC Games Terms and Conditions, Waiver and Code of Conduct • Complete the Medical/Allergy Form by July 10 at 4:00 pm • Review demographic information (address, etc.), • Complete the Culture of the Games Course by July 10 at 4:00 pm • Print and download your travel itinerary • If under 19, have parent/guardian complete the Consent Form

Provincial/Disability Sport Organizations are tasked with registering participants who qualified for the Games.

Participants can expect to receive a letter by mail (via Canada Post) with further information regarding their participation in the Games. This letter will contain details on how to access the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE. Enclosed with the letters will be participants’ BC Games Luggage Tags.

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All athletes and coaches are required to stay in Games accommodation. Buses will take you to your sport venue, meals and other transfers. Refer to the Bus & Meal Schedule distributed at Games-time. It is critical that you are at your pick-up location at the designated time so that you don’t miss the bus. Officials will be serviced by the volunteer courtesy car service to and from accommodation sites and sport venues. Please contact the courtesy car shuttle at Games-time to plan and book your rides in advance. A Games Information phone number will be on the back of your Games accreditation badge – use this number to book your ride. GETTING AROUND MAPLE RIDGE

To ensure the safety and supervision of athletes during travel to and from the BC Games, zone teams travel together on Games transportation (buses/flights) throughout the province, departing from and returning to central locations. This ensures that every athlete is supervised by an accredited adult (head coach, assistant coach, or adult supervisor) from the time they board a bus/flight until the time they arrive at their destination. Participants must provide their own transportation to/from the selected pick-up/drop-off location(s). It may be the case that assigned pick-up/drop-off location(s) are not the closest to a participant’s home, however, they must be adhered to for the safety and proper supervision of athletes. All participants travelling on BC Games transportation are scheduled to arrive in Maple Ridge on Wednesday, July 17. To arrive on time, you may begin and/or end your journey late at night or early in the morning. Pack a meal for your travel to Maple Ridge, as you may not have an opportunity to stop for food enroute to the Games. This travel schedule can be very tiring, so plan to get plenty of rest prior to departure and use the travel to prepare, mentally and physically, for the Games experience. PREPARE FOR A LONG TRIP

View your personal travel itinerary through the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE, accessed using the login information sent by mail. If you have lost your password or have not received your letter by July 4, contact participantreg@bcgames.org. Your travel itinerary outlines how you will get to Maple Ridge and back home again. Please read it thoroughly and print a copy for quick reference. If you miss your bus or flight, it is your responsibility to get yourself to the Games, at your own expense. Some participants may have opted out of Games travel and will be travelling as “Own Travellers”. Please contact your zone coach or Provincial Advisor regarding sport-specific drop-off times and expectations, to ensure appropriate supervision.


All Games departure transportation will occur on Sunday, July 21. Please refer to your Bus & Meal Schedule, as well as your personal travel itinerary for details. Departure plans will vary by sport. Participants travelling home on charter flights will board flights from the Holding Area. Do not travel directly to the

airport as the public terminal is not being used. Parents picking up their athletes at the end of the Games can make plans to pick up athletes from their accommodation site or sport venue (depending on the sport).

To ensure the safety of athletes, any athlete departing the Games early (i.e., Saturday evening or because of injury or illness) must complete a Games Release Form so that their coach and Provincial Advisor are aware. GAMES RELEASE FORM

Please wear your seatbelt when travelling on the bus or plane!

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Accreditation badges are required to access Games venues and contain important Games details.

ACCREDITATION BADGE You must wear your Games badge at all times in order to access your accommodation site, food venue, events, buses, and other services. SPORT SCHEDULE Provides the times and locations of your sport competition and practices.

Own Travel (Participants who have opted out of BC Games Transportation):

Arriving by Bus and/or Flight: Zone 1, 2, 6, 7 & 8

Immediate Vicinity Travel: Zone 3, 4 & 5

• Participants from Zone 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 who choose to

• Participants from communities in the immediate vicinity of Maple Ridge are required to transport themselves to the Participant Accreditation Centre (Planet Ice 23588 105 Ave.) on Wednesday, July 17 th at the following times: Zone 3: 7:45 pm – 8:15 pm Zone 4: 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm Zone 5: 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm • Participants must connect with their Zone Coach to coordinate their arrival at the Participant Accreditation Centre. • Once done accreditation, retrieve your luggage and board the bus going to your accommodation site. Look for your route number on your Games badge. Note: Dinner is not provided for Immediate Vicinity Travellers.

• Participants flying to the Games will arrive at the Vancouver Airport (YVR) and transfer to Maple Ridge aboard buses. • In Maple Ridge, you will be dropped off at the Participant Accreditation Centre to receive your Games badge before proceeding to dinner. • After dinner, retrieve your luggage and board the bus going to your accommodation site. Look for your route number on your Games badge.

transport themselves to Maple Ridge MUST connect with their Zone Coach prior to July 17 th to coordinate their arrival at the Participant Accreditation Centre. All participants must visit the Participant Accreditation Centre with their zone team in order to receive their Games badge and proceed to dinner. • Officials are to connect with their sport’s Provincial Advisor about the accreditation process.

BUS & MEAL SCHEDULE Provides a schedule of your meals and when buses will transport you while at the Games.

Those not staying in Games accommodation should contact their Provincial Advisor for information on how they will be accredited.

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GAMES ACCOMMODATION All Games participants under the age of 19 must stay in Games accommodation.




Schools in Maple Ridge have been converted into suitable dormitories for an enjoyable Games experience, thanks to the tireless work of volunteers and a collaborative partnership with School District 42. Dorm room assignments are done by sport, zone, and gender. A foam mattress will await all Games participants – don’t forget to pack your sleeping bag and pillow!

Only participants assigned to a particular accommodation site are permitted access to dorms, and then ONLY to their assigned dorm room. Please respect the privacy of others and do not enter rooms not assigned to you. Friends or family staying in other accommodation options will not be permitted into accommodation sites or dorm rooms.

All Games accommodation sites are security-controlled 24-hours per day for your protection. Anyone violating BC Games accommodation rules will be subject to disciplinary action. Sport venues are serviced by Access Control volunteers during all scheduled practice and competition times. While security and other volunteers will be available to assist you, you are responsible for all your belongings at sport venues and in Games accommodation.

Participants staying in BC Games accommodation are expected to remain in accommodation for the duration of the Games. Anyone who removes themselves from BC Games accommodation prior to the completion of the Games will no longer be eligible to compete, have meals, or take Games transportation back home. Participants who finish competition prior to the final day of the Games may remove themselves from Games accommodation by having their Provincial Sport Organization Representative complete the Games Release Form .

Head coaches, assistant coaches, and adult supervisors are expected to travel on Games transportation with their athletes, must stay in Games accommodation with their team, and are expected to supervise throughout the Games. Head coaches, assistant coaches, and adult supervisors, along with each individual athlete, are responsible for the actions of their team. SUPERVISION Participants are expected to respect the privacy of others and avoid using cameras in vulnerable settings at the Games (e.g., dorm rooms, change rooms, bathrooms, etc.). CAMERA USE POLICY

Curfew is 11:00 pm for all participants, including adults. Some coaches may establish an earlier curfew. All articipants staying in Games accommodation must have their Games badge scanned as a safety check before curfew. Failure to have one’s accommodation badge scanned by curfew may result in disciplinary action.

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MEALS While at the Games, participants will be provided with nutritious and well-rounded meals so they can perform at their highest level. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks are provided for all participants. There will be a dedicated breakfast and dinner venues throughout the duration of the Games. Grab-and-go lunches will be made available to participants during breakfast service. Make sure you take one with you prior to heading to your practice or competition venue.


Each sport will have specific meal times based on their sport schedule. Refer to the Bus & Meal Schedule for your exact meal and bus pick-up times. Participants are expected to adhere to these schedules and exit food centres accordingly. Significant efforts have gone into ensuring the meal schedule allows for maximum health and safety for all participants. Select venues will have food concession services for participants and spectators throughout the Games. CONCESSIONS Participants are encouraged to pack a meal and/or snacks, in case they get hungry on their way to the Games. Light snacks will be provided upon arrival at accommodation sites. FOOD ON THE ROAD

Water will be available at every sport venue; bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated. WATER

Have a food allergy or dietary concern? Ensure you complete the Medical/Allergy Form on the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE by July 10 at 4:00 pm.

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SUNDAY July 21

ARRIVALS & ACCREDITATION • Participant Arrivals • Participant Accreditation

COMPETITION & SPECIAL EVENTS • Competition • Medal Presentations • Participant Special Event


• Competition • Medal Presentations • Check Out of Accommodation • Closing Celebration • Charter Buses Depart • Holding Area (Zones 1 East, 7, and 8 North) • Charter Flights Depart



• Practice/Competition • Opening Ceremony

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OPENING CEREMONY Albion Sports Complex Thursday, July 18 7:00 - 8:30 pm, Doors Open at 5:30 pm


Friday, July 19 & Saturday, July 20 7:00 - 10:00 pm

On Friday and Saturday, two fun-filled nights have been planned for participants. Friday evening will offer games and activities at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre. Saturday will feature a scavenger hunt and other activities at Meadowridge School. Albion Fairgrounds Sunday, July 21 11:00 am - 3:00 pm A fun, informal and brief outdoor event is planned to bring the Games to a close. CLOSING CELEBRATION NOTE: Come prepared with outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing for Saturday’s Participant Special Event and Sunday’s Closing Celebration.

The Opening Ceremony is a memorable experience and kicks off what will be a fantastic four days. Featuring the participant parade, entertainment acts, guest speakers, and the lighting of the BC Games Cauldron, the event pays respects to the Katzie and Kwantlen First Nations and welcomes participants to Maple Ridge, where they will represent their zone with pride and make life-long memories. Participants are encouraged to dress in zone colours while remaining mindful of the weather, as the ceremony will take place outdoors.

You must wear your Games accreditation badge to get into all special events. Please check your Bus & Meal Schedule for Games transportation information to/from these events.

The Opening Ceremony is open to all; friends and family are encouraged to attend.

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Approximate driving times: Maple Ridge to Port Moody (Sailing): 40 minutes Maple Ridge to Burnaby (Rowing): 40 mins Maple Ridge to Mission (Box Lacrosse): 30 minutes Maple Ridge to Abbotsford (Towed Water Sports): 50 mins * All times subject to vary depending on traffic.




1. 3x3 Basketball

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre

2. Artistic Swimming

Walnut Grove Community Centre Maple Ridge Secondary & Merkley Park

3. Athletics 4. Baseball 5. Basketball



Hammond Community Park

Westview Secondary / Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary


6. Beach Volleyball 7. Box Lacrosse 8. Canoe/Kayak 9. Equestrian 10. Field Lacrosse

Albion Sports Complex

Planet Ice (Cam Neely Arena) / Mission Leisure Centre (North Arena)







Whonnock Lake Park / Hammond Outdoor Pool





Maple Ridge Equi-Sports Centre







Golder Ears Field

11. Golf

Meadow Gardens Golf Club Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion


12. Rowing





13. Rugby-Girls

Telosky Stadium Rocky Point Park



14. Sailing 15. Soccer

Telosky Stadium / Karina LeBlanc Field / Samuel Robertson Technical Secondary Rotary Sport Field



16. Softball-Girls 17. Swimming

Albion Sports Complex Maple Ridge Leisure Centre Albert Dyck Memorial Park

18. Towed Water Sports

19. Triathlon 20. Ultimate 21. Volleyball 22. Wrestling

Whonnock Lake Park

Westview Secondary Rotary Sport Field

Meadowridge School / Thomas Haney Secondary


Maple Ridge Secondary

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SPORT INFORMATION Competition at the BC Summer Games is delivered in partnership with Provincial and Disability Sport Organizations (PSOs and DSOs) and local sport clubs. Provincial Advisors, or PSO representatives, provide oversight and competition standards appropriate for each sport’s long term development pathway. Sport Chairs are the local sport club leads who help prepare the venue, train sport volunteers, and implement the event competition.


The Provincial Advisor for your sport may have arranged for one or more of the following on Thursday, July 18: • a full practice at the competition venue for your sport • a tour of your competition venue • a clinic or seminar at your competition venue or accommodation site Refer to your Bus & Meal Schedule and Sport Schedule, which you will receive when you arrive at the Games.


Friends, family, and supporters are an important part of the support system for athletes and coaches. While all venues are free to spectators, some events may have limited spectator seating and/or parking.

Overnight parking at sport venues is not permitted (ie. RVs, campers, etc.).


Most competition will begin on Friday, July 18 and will conclude no later than noon on Sunday, July 21. Sport competition schedules are managed by your Provincial Sport Organization.


Downloads/X twitter-logo-black.


FOLLOW THE ACTION There are lots of ways to connect with us and follow the action at the BC Summer Games! JOIN THE CONVERSATION Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use #BCSummerGames!

GET THE APP The BC Games App is the home for everything happening at the BC Summer Games! Download it at BCGAMES.ORG

PHOTOS Volunteer photographers will be at venues capturing the best moments of the BC Summer Games. Check out and download all images from our Flickr page . All the best action shots, team photos, medal moments, and more – all made available for FREE!

ON TV AND IN PRINT Global BC news programs and globalnews.ca/bc will be featuring special stories and interviews during the Games. Read all about the Games in print or online through the Black Press network of community papers. Visit bclocalnews.com for more info.

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2024 BC Summer Games MERCHANDISE COLLECTION is now available! Athletes and volunteers can now pre-order merchandise items for delivery to their homes or for pickup when they arrive in Maple Ridge for the Summer Games. The online store will remain open until August 23 to ensure that everyone is able to grab a souvenir from the Games.


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THANKS COACH All successful sport experiences start with a coach. Coaches are integral to all sports at the BC Summer Games and the Games simply would not be possible without qualified, committed, and passionate coaches. • Screened and approved by their Provincial Sport Organization. • Committed to pursuing certification from national coaching programs in accordance with their sport’s coach development pathway. • Responsible for supervising their athletes and creating a safe environment at the Games. • Passionate about their sport and creating opportunities for athletes. All coaches at the BC Summer Games are:


BC GAMES LEADERSHIP BURSARY Athletes, youth coaches, and officials taking part in the BC Summer Games are invited to apply for the BC Games Leadership Bursary. Supported by Canadian Tire, this bursary aims to recognize participants under 19 years of age who have achieved in academics and sport while going above and beyond in their communities through leadership and volunteer activities. Sixteen $1,000 bursaries will be awarded to support recipients’ future sport or educational pursuits.


SCHOOL CREDITS Did you know that students may be eligible for credits towards secondary school graduation for their participation in the BC Summer Games? Visit the Ministry of Education and Child Care website for a list of eligible sports. If eligible, contact your Provincial Sport Organization to obtain a letter for your credit. Participating in the BC Games is a major accomplishment to be proud of! You can download your certificate through the BC GAMES PARTICIPANT WEBSITE.



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In addition to creating development opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers in communities across British Columbia, the BC Games creates lifelong memories, builds new and lasting friendships and fosters a sense of community spirit and pride through sports and volunteerism for countless British Columbians. Get up-to-date coverage on your favourite athletes and latest results in print and online. We believe in the power of the BC Games

Proud Provincial Partner of the BC Games bcgames.org / blackpress.ca

SPORT PARTNERS The BC Games Society would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their ongoing partnership and support of the BC Games. The considerable expertise accessed through these partnerships is instrumental in building valuable sport development opportunities through the Games.


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